Part 3:  Advanced Sciatica Home Treatment

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Advanced Sciatica Treatment


This Video Discusses Additional, More Advanced Methods Of Sciatica Treatment.

As Was Covered On The Previous Videos, the Main Causes Of Sciatica Are Muscle Contraction and Nerve Impingement.

Causes Of Muscle Contraction Include:

  • Lack Of Activity
  • Excessive Physical Exertion
  • Anxiety, Emotional Stress and Tension
  • Toxins and Chemical Stressors (Toxic Exposures, Pollution, Poor Diet, Smoking, Dehydration, etc.)
  • Infections and Other Health Problems

Causes Of Nerve Impingement Can Include:

  • Bulging or Ruptured Discs
  • Swelling and Inflammation (Related to Bulging Discs, Arthritis, Trauma, etc.)
  • Degenerative Disc Narrowing
  • Bone Spurs and Ridges
  • Cysts and Tumors
  • Spinal Ligament Thickening

Not All Of These Possible Causes Are Things You Can Take Care Of With Just Home Treatment Methods, But Many Of Them Are.

Just Knowing About All Of These Possible Causes Allows You To Have A Much Better Chance Of Finding The Right Sciatica Treatments For YOU!

On The Previous Videos, I Discussed How Many Of The Products In The Sciatica Self-Treatment Market Are Produced By Well-Intentioned People Promoting A "One and Only Cure" For Sciatica.

Hopefully You Now Realize That There Really Is No One Single "Cure" That Works For Every Person With Sciatica.

It's Also Important To Understand That Once You've Had Sciatica, It's Something You Really Need To Take Steps To Manage Long-Term As Opposed To Something You Can Just Treat For A Few Days and Never Have To Do Anything Else Ever Again.

Some Sciatica Treatment Products May Imply That They Can Provide You With A Long-Term "Once And For All" Cure. But Once You Begin, You Quickly Realize That There's Always SOMETHING You Have To Continue To Do On An Ongoing Basis To Be Able To Have Good Long-Term Results.

This Brings Me To The Other Problem People Commonly Experience When Trying To Find A Solution To Their Sciatica Pain:

With So Many People Promoting So Many "One and Only Cures" For Sciatica, Many People Try Each Thing One At A Time - And Often Wind Up Spending Quite A Bit Of Money In The Process.

As You've Learned, There's Many Different Causes For Sciatica, And You Might Even Have More Than One Cause...

So, You May Need More Than One Kind Of Sciatica Treatment, and Possibly Some Kind Of Treatment You Can't Do Yourself.

If You Are Seeing A Doctor, He or She May Not Have The Time To Review All Of Your Treatment Options With You, or May Not Explain Things In "Non-Medical-ese" Terms You Can Actually Understand.

What You Need Is A Resource With Several Effective Sciatica Home Treatment Options Plus A Way To Get Easy To Understand Professional Guidance When You Need More Than Just Self-Treatment.

For This Purpose, I'm Pleased To Offer The Sciatica Treatment At Home Members Area.

The Members Area Has High Quality Videos As Well As Printable Instruction Sheets For All of the Sciatica Exercises and Home Treatment Methods.

Here's what's inside...

Pain Relief Self-Treatment Methods:

  • Basic and Advanced McKenzie Method
  • Piriformis Stretching and Massage
  • Gluteus Minimus Stretching and Massage
  • Pelvic Repositioning Technique To Reduce Pressure On The Low Back
  • Acupressure Treatment Methods For Sciatica and Low Back Pain Relief
  • The Sitting Comfort Technique
  • The Emotional Release Treatment For Easing Stress-Related Pain
  • Natural Remedies and Supplements For Easing Pain, Inflammation, and Muscle Spasm

Rehabilitation and Preventive Care Methods:

  • Basic and Advanced Pelvic Tilt
  • The "Slouch and Arch" Exercise To Restore Low Back Muscle Tone And Coordination
  • Safe Hamstring Stretching
  • Safe Posture When Sitting and Sleeping
  • Safe Bending and Lifting Techniques

Sciatica Product Reviews and Recommendations:

I'll Give You My Expert Opinion On The Most Popular Sciatica Treatment Equipment and Products To Help You Decide What Other Treatments Are Likely To Help You.

Personal Email Consultations On Your Case:

Send Me Your Questions And Even Have Me Review Your Case, Review Your X-rays and/or MRI, and Provide You With My Recommendations Based On My Twenty Years Of Clinical Experience With Hundreds Of Sciatica Cases. This Service Alone Could Save You Hundreds Or Even Thousands Of Dollars and PossiblyYears Of Misery From Making The Wrong Treatment Choices...

and It's Provided To You At No Additional Cost With Your Membership!

I Think You Can See The Value Of My Advanced Sciatica Treatment Members Area, And You're Probably Wondering What It Costs To Join. Considering The Amount Of Content and That It Has Videos As Well As Text Resources, and That I'm Including Personal Online Consultations, I Considered Charging Over $100 For Access.

I Also Considered Charging A Monthly Recurring Fee Of $30 For As Long As You Remain A Member.

But After Further Consideration, I Realized That Many People Are Struggling These Days Financially, and People With Sciatica Are Often Struggling Even More Than Most People Due To Lost Work and Medical Expenses.

So, I've Decided To Offer My Memberships For A Limited Time For A One-Time Payment Of Just $29.95 For Unlimited Lifetime Access!

Depending On The Number Of Personal Consultation Requests I Receive, I Probably Won't Be Able To Offer This Price For Long.

Here's Just A Few Of The Comments I've Received About My Previous Sciatica Exercises Members Area Over The Past Few Years:

"After suffering for 30 years with varying degrees of sciatica... I have learnt so much from you, that instead of taking 4 months for the sciatica to slowly calm, within one week of the exercises I am almost healed, it is quite unbelievable, and bliss to get relief from the pain."

Kim Barnett
From The UK

"I was in such pain that I could not put any weight on my left leg. I did manage to get to my computer with the help of a cane, and started looking up whatever I could find on sciatica. I came across your site and started watching the videos and doing the exercises. I began to feel better in a day or two."

Gladys Restle

"The various installments that you provide on Sciatica Self Care Techniques were instrumental in correcting my two month long sciatica ordeal."


Disclaimer: Every case is different, so your results may vary from the results of the individuals above. While the materials in the members area are safe and effective for the majority of people, your specific problems may require other treatment. Dr. Best is available to members for email consultations to provide additional advice and treatment suggestions when needed.

I Can't Guarantee You'll Get The Same Great Results As Kim, Gladys, and Frank, But I Do Guarantee Your Satisfaction With My Sciatica Treatment Members Area.

My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You’ll Have 60 Days To Use All Of The Features Of The Sciatica Treatment At Home Members Area, and If You’re Not Happy For ANY Reason, Simply Contact Me, and You’ll Be Refunded 100% Of What You Paid.

There's Nothing To Lose By Trying My Members Area - Except For Your Sciatica!

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